Mrs Charmaine Liddle
Field Worker
Mrs Portia Christians

The Diocese of False Bay Social Development Department (DFSDD) is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with the following objectives:
1.1 To support, strengthen and facilitate initiatives in respect of development, transformation, empowerment and upliftment within the parishes and communities of the Diocese, with a deliberate focus on the needs of impoverished communities.
1.2 To address the need for a Christian witness with regard to National, Provincial and Local Government public policy formulation and implementation of social development matters, by engaging in appropriate lobbying and advocacy work at all levels of government.
1.3 To function as a resource of the Bishop’s office, providing relevant information on development issues as well as facilitating policy formation on positions on behalf of the Diocese of False Bay.
1.4 To build and maintain a library of resource information on development issues for use by Pastoral Charges and Diocesan ministries.
1.5 To create networks in a public partnership with other organizations with the aim of strengthening local development programmes.
1.6 To function in a public advocacy role with regard to issues of social development.

Latest events of this vibrant Department are


Our Social Development Department has a constant need for donations, such as listed below. We appeal that clothing items be washed before you drop it off at the Diocesan Offices. We hand these items to people in need and do so with dignity. The Diocese don’t have facilities to wash clothing and many a time those receiving it, also do not have such facilities as they rebuilt their lives and homes. Kindly contact us for any other donations, such as furniture and household electrical appliances.

500ml Sunflower OilClothing
25 Tea BagsBlankets / Bedding
1kg SampSchool uniforms and shoes
500g RiceStationery packs
410g Peanut ButterHygiene packs
500g Dry Beans/Lentils or Soup MixCurtains
500g SugarToys
200g Soya Mix
410g Tinned Fish
2.5 kg Iwisa Maize Meal
750ml Oil

Confirmation Life skills camp 2019

Youth Game event
On Friday, 1 March 2019 our department had a youth event in Helderberg Archdeaconry. The event was held at All Saints Church hall, Somerset West. The focus of the event was on Substance abuse. The purpose was to inform youth about challenges in their communities. 71 young people attended and were interactive in a informative discussion session facilitated by Jonathan Ho’bosch. The event also focused on introducing the recreation games programme again.
The Social development officer gave a brief overview of what the department is doing and shared the annual plan.

SOCDEV Quiet day
In March volunteers of Masikhanye Food Garden, Khayelitsha enjoyed a Quiet day at St. Raphael’s Retreat centre with the theme “Revitalizing the soul”.

SOCDEV Children Easter Egg Hunt
22 April the Social development department support Children Easter Egg hunt at House of Grace in Helderberg and Sunshine Outreach programme in Mitchell’s Plain.
Children had fun with the activities and especially were excited to search for Easter eggs!

Holiday Club 2019
The theme for holiday club this year is a circus theme: WONDER MAKER

Holiday programmes will be running in all the Archdeaconries during the school holidays from 17 June to 5 July 2019. The purpose of the holiday clubs is to keep our children and youth safe, occupied and to feed them (physically and spiritually). A structured programme will be used and relevant life skills topics.
Holiday club training and preparation will be taking place for all Archdeaconries on Saturday, 18 May 2019 at 9h00 at All Saints church hall, Somerset West.

Life Skills Camp
The Life Skills camp for second year confirmation candidates will be held at Mizpah in Grabouw from the 28th to the 30th of June 2019.

Gender Sensitization sessions
An Introductory session was held with the Archdeaconry of Blue Downs. Forty-five women from across the Archdeaconry attended. From this session we will be establishing the necessary support groups and sensitization training for parish leaders.

A weekend Gender sensitization workshop was held in Arniston (3 -5 May), with ladies from Mountain Bay and Mitchell’s Plain Archdeaconries. Marion Thomas from Social work Connect did an inspiring session with the theme: “I am enough”.
One of the fun activities was a fancy dress making and modeling where the ladies really showed their talents.

“Phenomenal women”