Welcome to the Archdeaconry and Parish website page of the Diocese of False Bay.

Bishop Margaret’s precinct is found on the grounds of All Saints, Somerset West, corner Andries Pretorius and Oak Streets. The picture to the right is of the West Side of the Church. Our 49 Parochial Districts are divided into 6 Archdeaconries.

Our Archdeaconries are also further grouped into Cluster Ministries. There are currently four Cluster Ministries within our Diocese.

The manner in which each Cluster has been formed has been characterised by co-operation, consolidation and empowerment for every member ministry. The concept has not only been received with open arms but with due discernment and deliberations in moving forward.

The Cluster concept is working well and some of the amazing “fruits” of the various Clusters are where one Parish assists another Parish in the event of challenges and also regular pulpit exchanges.

Clustering is an opportunity to journey with each other’s trials and tribulation but also to draw on the strength of each Cluster Parish, without the Parish losing its own identity. Entering into a Cluster is an invitation to move from the comfort of Parish to the insecurity of Cluster, moving from the knowing of what you have to what needs to be discovered and move to where you need to go- a place of risk. For embracing mission and ministry in a Cluster brings about a deep sense of knowing, loving and living as you make new friends. It is not about effectiveness but about faithfulness to the Cluster. In closing, the Cluster was reminded that, “They are not burdened with a Cluster, but they are blessed with the Cluster”.

This webpage links you to each of our Archdeaconries. As this website is shared in the Diocese and involvement is gained at parish level, the pages will be expanded and reflect the life and ministry unique in each of our Archdeaconries.

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