In 2005, the then Diocese of Cape Town, under the charge of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, carved into three Dioceses. On Advent Sunday in 2005, the new See of the Diocese of False Bay was born. The Rt Revd Merwyn Castle was the first Bishop of our Diocese. In Bishop Merwyn’s Charge, the Diocese was nurtured and organised into 6 Archdeaconries, which are Helderberg; Blue Downs, Mountain Bay, Mitchell’s Plain, Overberg and Breede Valley Archdeaconries.

On 19 January 2013, Rt Revd Margaret Brenda Vertue was consecrated as the Second Bishop of the Diocese. Within Bishop Margaret’s charge, two Synods have been presided over under her charismatic, yet tender and inclusive Pastoral Leadership.

Our Diocese is a trustworthy Diocese because we serve a faithful God. We are aware of all our challenges we face from our most southern town, L’Ahgulas, to Tulbach in the North, Montagu in the East until Ocean View in the West. We know that we have overcome, busy overcoming and will overcome the pains we endure within our Diocese. This has been achieved by focusing our efforts as defined in the Diocesan Ministerial Strategic Plan. As a revolutionary Church, we seek to empower from grass routes level with a “Every Member Ministry” ethos. Our strategic focusses flowing from Synod 2017, are:

Institutional Strengthening – Ensuring standardising of Diocesan ethos by revising the Diocesan Manual, providing nurturing Children’s Christian Education, supporting Diocesan Organisational Ministry by responsive Chaplaincies, valuing dialogue by scheduling ongoing People’s Conferences, unifying the Diocese by exploring possibilities for a Cathedral and the appointment of an Archdeacon to the Ordinary to key Diocesan Structures;
Social Development (Justice and Pastoral Care) – ensuring that all our people within our Diocese are assisted in matters of injustice, that all are welcome in our Churches without regard for Colour, Creed, Gender or Human Sexuality; championing the plight of the voiceless such as women, the abused and children; ensuring equality of youth and women in all our structures; and modelling, caring and mentoring those affected by violent and environmental exposure.
Youth and Children - encouraging growth within Young People’s Ministry; valuing dialogue and participation by hosting Youth Indaba’s and Youth Synod; ensuring relevant Young People’s Ministry, and Children’s Christian Education; and introducing the Lift Every Voice and Youth Mentorship programmes; and we celebrate the fact that we are a young people friendly Diocese.
Liturgy, Worship and Church Order – ensuring diverse relevant Liturgy and Worship; embracing a Season of Spirituality and Stewardship; endeavouring to welcome younger candidates into the Ordained ministry; encouraging and growing the Distinctive Diaconate; and ensuring trained Lay Ministers