CHRISM MASS AND RENEWAL OF VOWS (Maundy Thursday, 9 April 2020)

As your Bishop, I am grateful that our clergy, active and retired, always turn out in their numbers to attend Chrism Mass, the service where we do the Blessing of Oils and the Renewal of Ordination vows. The pictures below were taken at our 2019 service.

Sadly, we are scattered and cannot gather today because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Through technology we have been messaging, meeting and maintaining that sense of belonging. We are in day 14 of the national lockdown declared by our State President, the Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa. I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your servant leadership, your prophetic voice, your preaching of the scriptures, your administering of the sacraments, your shepherding of God’s people, your administration, your work of healing, preparing people for death, consoling the bereaved, your teaching ministry. I respectfully ask that we all find a quiet corner in our homes and to listen to the recording or to view the video together with whoever else is in the house with you. I suggest that we do this across the length and breadth of the Diocese at 10:00 this morning. This will give us a sense of being together and that with fortitude we are carrying each other. Physically we have to maintain social distancing but spiritually we can be together. After I leave the altar, I encourage you to end with the private Renewal of Commitment to Ministry. A short liturgy has been put together by Revd Andrew Holmes, who adapted it from a Church of England liturgy. In addition to the video, please click here to download:
‘I am, because we are, because God is … opening hearts to heal God’s world.

Bishop of False Bay
9 April 2020 – Day 14 of Corona Virus Lockdown

Maundy Thursday, 9 April 2020

  1. The Renewal of Commitment to Ministry
  2. Blessing of Oils 2020