Bishop’s Letter- 23 March 2020



My dear Organisation and Ministry group leaders,

As you are aware all Diocesan events have been put on hold. I am now mandating that all Parish organisation and ministry group meetings be halted with immediate effect. This ruling will be reviewed on 15 April and may be lifted or extended. During this time there will be no Liturgical dancing and we will have a maximum of 4 Servers in the sanctuary at any service. Likewise, there will be no incense.

At this time social media can be used to good and great effect to keep in touch.

The whole world is on the alert as we face the outbreak and spread of the Corona virus. God has blessed us with the ability to understand that we must protect ourselves.

Do not fear. Light is stronger than darkness. I hold you in my heart and prayers with sincere gratitude

Love, Peace and Blessings,

Margaret B. Vertue Bishop of False Bay